Does the paper load without jamming? Page Replace the ribbon feed mechanism Has the problem been resolved? Gear Case Assembly 3. This information is used to determine the optimum drive time for the next print request. Installation Do not touch the contacts of the PC connector. Word processor files do not print the way the MENU and front panel are set.

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Use a large, straightened paper clip Figure 1 B to push down on the adjust gear.

Use a straight slot screwdriver to release the claws and remove the cable clamp 5. MHM drives the line feed motor in two-phase bipolar, based on the phase changeover data output from the LSI. Has the ribbon been okidata microline 590 as recommended?

Disable the menu item Print Suppress if the function is not required. Bottom Feed Paper Type: Microlne the unit so you can access the top and bottom of the leaf spring 1. Make sure the power okidata microline 590 cable is properly connected to CN3 on the main control board.

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Fault Alarms – Okidata Microline User Manual [Page ]

When a signal to print a character is received, current flows through a coil. Remove the release cam 2.

Refer to Rap Front Pressure Roller Assembly 4. Does the printer initialize? Page Cable: Transmits and receives serial data to and from the printhead based on the dot timing which okidata microline 590 derived from the space motor speed. Uneven print density No line feed operation.

OKIDATA Microline 590 User Manual: Fault Alarms

To perform the serial interface loopback test, follow these steps. Small pieces of paper can cause paper jams. Color shift unit Color ribbon 4 colors Four colors can be selected okidata microline 590 sliding the color ribbon holder up or down.

Determine the preference of the end user regarding this feature. Replace the space motor assembly.

Use a small straight slot screwdriver to disengage the claws of the backup roller holder spring 1 from the carriage frame 2. Rolling Ascii Test At the top of the test is the printer type oki microline emulation 2country 3and firmware revision level okidata microline 590.

Okidata Microline 590 24-pin Standard Dot Matrix Printer

There are three springs in the Microline and five springs in the Microline Contact between Bias Gear okidata microline 590 3. Selects Group Function Item: 509 Panel Switches 1. When shipping the printer, use the original packaging to prevent damage.


Finally, you must unpack okidata microline 590 new gear case assembly, and then installed it by executing the current procedure in reverse order.

OkiData MicroLine Tractor Gear (OEM) – QuikShip Toner

MHM drives the three-phase brushless motor. Ribbon Drive Mechanism 2. Support Protector Mechanism 2.

Refer to the Printer Handbook for more information. Paper Out Detection 1. Operator Panel Function is an item in the Set-up Group. The following areas are covered. Slide the carriage assembly to okidata microline 590 left side of the platen.